La Muzza

La Muzza “a  small colorful cozy room”. Daniele’s B&B is a little colorful rest in the heart of Salento, a relaxing window to discover the world”. What’s the best way to introduce you to La muzza if not through the words of one of our guests…


La Muzza B&B used to be a small farm dating back to the early 20th century. It is located in the hystorical centre of Zollino, a small village in the heart of Grecìa Salentina, equidistant  from  Adriatic and Ionic seas. While giving a new life to the farm, our aim was to be respectful to the local techniques and materials. Its indoor and outdoor spaces will remind you of old peasant crafts, preserving this way the the very soul of building. We strive for an ecological impact reduction by using only renewable sources.

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